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Everett Yockey is a director and cinematographer based in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest.

He grew up in Steinbeck's California —think Grapes of Wrath, not Cannery Row— where he had plenty of time to establish his voice from a young age. His passion for making movies began in middle school after realizing the skate videos he made with his friends  were not going to fulfill his need to tell visual stories. He premiered his first film as a freshman in high school at a pep rally (a Blair Witch Project parody, obviously), to a standing ovation by his fellow high schoolers. At the age of 19, he moved to Los Angeles where he focused on cinematography while working at a post production facility.

Everett’s use of cinematography to approach a story is based on his personal working theory: look through the lens first to understand what the audience will see. Through his work in non-fiction along with commercial and music videos, his voice sometimes can feel like alternative facts. Everett’s work can be found on YouTube, on televisions sets in Germany and Sweden, and online in Outside Magazine and GOOD Magazine publications among others.





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